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We Rent Pressure Washers and Accessories!!!

With the lowest rates in town, and special Holiday & Weekend deals, RK Power Washer Rentals can't be beat.  We Rent 2 sizes of Pressure Washers (medium/large), 2 turbo nozzles (4000 psi), 12 ft Telescopic Wand, 21" Flat surface cleaner (for large size machine), and 50 ft hoses (limited to stock on hand).

Just come and take a look!  Our simple contract, joined with our mandatory 5 minute training , will insure a trouble free experience.  We can train anyone on the use of this equipment!

We require an INITIALED and SIGNED rental agreement, your PREPAID agreed upon rental amount, and a PHOTOCOPY of your VISA or MASTERCARD and VALID WASHINGTON STATE DRIVERS LICENSE to hold as deposit.  Both will be returned to you after the rental (or shredded in front of you) upon completion of the RENTAL CHECK-IN.  You'll need to be patient.  It takes about 5 minutes.

Note:  Our pressure washers are heavy machines with small gas engines.  They cannot be tipped over during use or transport (customer pays for resulting damage).  Customer is responsible for unloading/reloading (we'll help load).  Customer may need ramps, or a "second hand" for lifting, tie downs/or ropes (you will be sold rope if you show up with no way to tie it down), and adequate water supply with garden hose.  Collapsable Fold-Up1/2" diameter or flat type garden hose may NOT be used

(3/4" garden hose over 50 ft required for large machine).

6.5hp Medium size Pressure Washer - 2900 PSI @ 3.0 GPM:            $50.00 per/day  (6.5 hp direct drive)

13.0hp Large size Pressure Washer - 4000 PSI  @ 4.0 GPM:            $85.00 per/day (13.0 hp direct drive)

21" Flat Surface Cleaner (COLD WATER)     $55.00 per/day ($25.00 with machine rental)
Turbo Nozzle - up to 4000 @ 4.5 gpm             $15.00 per/day (with machine rental only)
50 foot 3/8" hose with QC's - 4000 psi           $10.00 per/day (with machine rental only)
50 X 3/4 Garden Hose                                        $10.00 per/day (with machine rental only)
12 foot Telescoping Ext. Wand - 4000 psi    $15.00 per/day ($5.00 with machine rental)

NOTE:  Prices and Policies are subject to change without notice.  

Weekend and rate is 2X the daily rate (you get it 3 days for the price of 2!) Pick up the rental after 12 noon on Friday, and return it by 10 am on Monday, and only be charged for 2 days.  IF THE FOLLOWING MONDAY FALLS ON A HOLIDAY, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR 3 DAYS RENTAL, IF RETURNED BY TUESDAY BY10 AM.
Weekly rates (7 DAY RENTAL) apply starting at 5pm of the 4th day of rental. 
Call us, or come in for additional rates 9-5pm M-F at 253-630-5931.
(Special $35 daily rate applies if you have a repair in our shop!)
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