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Welcome to RK Power Washers!
At RK Power Washers our goal is to provide a level of customer service and product knowledge that sets us far apart from our competition.  With our ability to perform "In house" warranty repairs for several companies, sales of both New and Used equipment, and sales of parts for many "hard to source" Power Washers and Generators, we can save you the frustration of calling from "Shop to Shop" when you want REAL ANSWERS!!!  Contact us today to see if we can meet your need.

RK Power Washers is located in Kent, WA. Also known locally as RK Power Equipment Repair, we specialize in Sales and Repair of Power Washers and Repairs ONLY of Portable Generators. RK Power Washers maintains a full inventory of Comet and AR parts, as well as parts for GP (General Pump), Cat, and others.  Let us meet both your Warranty and Non Warranty needs.

Call us anytime M-F, 9-5pm PST at 253-630-5931.  ​



RK Power Washers

We carry several models of COMET and GENERAL pumps and others within a 3 day shipping window

Our Pressure Washer inventory includes 2500- 4000 psi machines, with custom options
RK Power Washers


Featuring The Best Guns. The SUTTNER ST-2605 and GIANT 21290 guns,
as well special models for different accessories



Gauges, Extensions, Soap Injectors, Turbo Nozzle, QC Nozzles, Gutter Wands
We carry Every stye of Coupler on the market, including Euro style 22 mm stock just for you!


Our Wand inventory ranges in length from 6in to 8ft.  We also carry 18ft Telescopic wands
​      HOSES

All styles of Hoses are currently in stock, 25ft, 50ft, 100ft.  Cold and Hot water styles

Mosmatic at RK Power Washers
18" 4-Wheel & 20" Stainless Steel 4-Wheel Flat surface cleaners are in stock, with others available!
Russ and Laureen,
Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much we appreciate the quality and dependability of your business. We consider you as part of our team and value your efforts, labors and good information in regards to keeping all of our miscellaneous equipment in top operating condition. We look forward to working with you and we do strongly recommend you to all of our business contacts.

Dan S.  Big Sky Construction, Inc.

I have had RK Power Washers tune up several pieces of equipment.  The equipment ran better after Russ worked on them than when purchased new.  I also have one of his power washers and it runs like a dream.  I recommend RK Power Washers to anyone  for any servicing they might need.  

Forest H. Covington,WA

I just wanted to thank you guys for fixing our generator. You guys originally set the expectations with a week and got it done in a day. Customer service from both of you is what all companies should model theirs after. Thanks again!


Russell D. - SidePro Quality Siding



Want to thank Laureen for the help she gave me this morning.  Came in with my pressure washer not working and she knew right away it was a plugged nozzle.  I felt soo grateful that I bought a new nozzle even though I didn't really need one!  Thanks again for your help.


Michael B. - Federal Way. WA

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