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RK Power Washers was started originally in early 2000 as RK Power Equipment Repair.  Power Washers were just beginning their rise as the next "must have tool" in the ever changing Outdoor Power Equipment industry.  As the "Y2K" Portable Generator buying frenzy fizzled out, and people began to realize their bank accounts weren't erased, Power Washers sales began to climb.  Mass merchants such as Home Depot, Lowe's, Costco, Sears, and Sam's Club brought in every brand they could get their hands on to meet the $299 to $399 price point.  Price mattered.  Consumers had money and weren't patient enough to do research or find out if the machine even fit their needs.  Many "Lemons" were produced like the Generac and DeVilbiss - Excell low end models of Home Depot or the Karcher and Simpson's of Costco.  Some models were even discontinued due to defect, and then sold at a discounted price!  (Home Depot STILL does this!)  Seems criminal doesn't it? 
RK Power Washers is dedicated to our customers.  We have ALWAYS kept customer service and customer satisfaction as our primary goals.  From Day One we were there for our customers as a  Warranty and/or Non-Warranty service and parts dealer for Northstar, Generac, Coleman / Powermate, MiTM, BE, Comet Pump, General Pump, Legacy, AR, Briggs and Stratton, Honda, Generac Engines, Kohler, Pressure Pro, and Robin/Subaru. Service is our business, and business is good!


Company History
RK Power Washers (also known as RK Power Equipment Repair) was established in April of 2000 by me, Russ Kroeker.  Seeing not only the opportunity to make money, but the freedom a privately owned business provides, I embarked on this journey.  After much thorough research and experience as a technician, supervisor, and mechanic gained through 15 years in the service, maintenance, and tool rental industries, I prayed.
Feeling as if owners of Portable Generators and Power Washers were NOT being served in the King County area of Washington, I noticed a "hole" in the service field that I felt could be filled.  As a Christian, I was clear on the fact that searching for God's will first , instead of My own, would be the first step on this journey.  I prayed, my church and family prayed with me, and the decision was made to leave my position with 2 weeks notice.  I opened the shop 1 week later, and never looked back.  God didn't forsake me, on the contrary, HE lifted me up and made my business successful with NO ADVERTIZING...ZIP...ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!
20 years later, my beautiful wife Laureen works with me full time, we are dealers for 3 brands of Power Washers and multiple  brands of Small Engines, and Parts, and we have a beautiful show room, along with an excellent parts inventory.
The rest is history!!!

Our Mission

We are in business to provide sales and support for customers who are looking for honesty, quality, integrity, and follow through before, during and after the sale...more about you.!

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