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RK Power Washers

   Warranty Policy

This is a basic explanation of how a warranty works.  A warranty, as defined by all of OUR manufacturers is… “A failure in manufacturer’s material or workmanship”.  This means, the manufacturer warranties their product from failure due to manufacturing errors, or defect in the actual equipment.  Most all warranties reveal themselves in the first 30 days of use.  All carburetor failures that occur after the equipment has been run (and it was working fine), will likely be denied by the engine manufacturer.


Remember, we are not the manufacturer, we are not the dealer (99% of the time), and we do not work for the manufacturer.  We simply have made an agreement to repair their equipment for them.  We have no obligation to take in your repair because we are a self-owned, independent repair facility.


Warranty Process:

#1  Warranty eligibility is by our discretion (as manufacturer’s field representative), not your discretion.


#2  All warranty claims are approached as an estimate first to determine if the repair is an actual warranty.  If it is found NOT to be warrantable, the customer will be liable for payment of the $30 estimate fee (or non-warranty repair) before the equipment will be returned to you.


#3  If product registration is required (ex. Generac Prod.), it must be completed by customer, or a $15 service fee will be assessed to cover our labor.  Email address is mandatory.


#4  Once a repair is dropped off for consideration of warranty repair, you will be given an estimate by phone call, within 2 days of the date asigned for the estimate to be performed, with our decision.  If the repair is determined to be an actual warranty, we will proceed with the process of ordering parts and repairing the machine.  If the customer decides for any reason to not proceed with the repair, they will be liable for the cost of any labor charges incurred, and any parts ordered, installed or not.  Repair dates are based purely on availability of the parts needed.  We are not in control of distributor’s inventories, or Backorder status of parts.


#5  Item will be repaired, then tested.  Warranty length will continue from the original purchase date on the customer’s receipt, not from the date of repair.

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